The following links are often used by me and/or are related to my business. Although they are here for my convenience, please feel free to us them!

Well, for an Informix consultant it would be strange not to have a link to the IBM Informix web site wouldn't it!

This site was developed using CityDesk, a great product written by the folks at Fog Creek. I came upon this software due to my regular reading of the Joel On Software site. If you're using CityDesk, the CityDesk Forum and TK's CityDesk Help Reference are great places to learn how to get the most out of this easy to use but powerful software.

Another great product from Fog Creek is FogBUGZ which I use for my feature and bug tracking. The FogBUGZ Forum is read every day!

My next book purchase will most likely be from Amazon.co.uk.

I read OSNews pretty much every day, and quite often check out DebianPlanet too (because Debian is my favourite GNU/Linux distribution).

I would be totally lost without SquirrelMail, as I use it for web access to my e-mail on the office server when away from my office.

I also like to keep up to date with the goings on in the world of Apple, so stop by MacMinute.com for my daily for my fix of news, as well as checking out the MacDevCenter on O'Reilly for development related stuff. MacOSXHints is a great resource too.

I'm the director of IMiJ Ltd, go check out what my business can do for you!

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