CityDesk Magic Names & CSS
By Ian Jones, Thursday, February 14, 2002.

This site now uses an imported cascading style sheet (CSS) file so that a change to my style rules does not mean that all files have to be uploaded as with embedded CSS. Before I was using a CityDesk variable containing the style rules which I embedded in the html and templates of my site. Now I use a variable that contains:

<style type="text/css">
@import url(PTMFOG0000000026.css);

The "PTMFOG0000000026.css" url is a CityDesk "Magic Name", when you publish your site Magic Names are changed to relative urls to the file who's Magic Name it is. If you look at the source for this page, youll see that I've had to use the character entity code for "P" (&#080;) to stop CityDesk from changing the url to "../../css/ianmjones.css"!

So, now a change to my style rules won't mean uploading all my content, which is something to be avoided at any cost when you're working away from home and can only do an upload via your mobile phone at 9,600bps!

Thank you CityDesk, you rock!