refreshdb 2.0 Available
By Ian Jones, Thursday, October 30, 2003.

A new version of refreshdb is now available from my software index page.

refreshdb 2.0 has (quite aptly) only two changes:

  • Implemented MAXPROC_UNLOAD and MAXPROC_LOAD as replacement of MAXPROC parameter to allow a differing number of parallel processes for the unload and load stages. This was implemented because it was found that in most cases there are less issues with multiple unloads than loads, more could be done at once. Splitting MAXPROC into two parameters allowed for this tuning.
  • Only show one "MAXPROC* level (num) hit..." message per wait, instead of wasting log space by repeating the same message unnecessarily.

Hope these little changes are useful to someone (they are to me)!