I've been linked!
By Ian Jones, Wednesday, September 22, 2004.

This is a momentous occasion, I've actually found out that someone has linked to my site, not only that, but I found that someone else has translated my CityDesk Magic Names CSS post into french! Wow, considering I thought that no one ever read this pitiful site (not even my family), I'm unashamedly impressed! Mind you, both the links are from 2002, it's just that I've only now found them because of a referral in my webstats, I bet no one has linked to me in the last year or so!

However, it did show that my update to this site many moons ago caused a few problems, as the CityDesk Magic Names CSS post was not showing the correct information, the magic name was actually being translated into its relative path, rather than staying in its original form. I can only think this is because I went through a phase of opening up every article and viewing it in "Normal View" to set all the tags to xhtml once I upgraded to CityDesk 2.0. Since then, I've pretty much stuck to only using HTML View when editing to make sure everything is correct, I'm not a very trusting fellow with these things, and I like to see the raw code in everything I do anyway. Just as well really as it turns out.